From conception to commercialization, our unique multidisciplinary scientific team uses the latest techniques in advance strain engineering, computational biology, fermentation, purification, and process development to create strains that are robust and commercially effective. Through our rapid proof of concept work, we lower barriers to entry, and can execute through to commercial scale with our focused approach on both biology and chemistry.

Our multidisciplinary team of technical, operational, and commercial experts can guide development from concept through to large scale production and commercialization.

“Willow’s R&D team moves at an unprecedented speed in this industry”
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We can seamlessly integrate our products with your brands.

As your development partner, Willow Biosciences brings together world-class strain engineering technologies, process development capabilities, and manufacturing expertise to rapidly develop commercially viable manufacturing processes that can be scaled at your site or within our global manufacturing network. We optimize the process to maximize yield, minimize cost, and meet your economic and sustainability targets.

With our innovative approach, we can seamlessly integrate our products with your brands.

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Mountain View, CA

Focused on identifying and deploying additional genetic elements and solutions to further enhance production of our yeast strains and processes. This state-of-the-art R&D facility includes high-throughput molecular biology and screening technologies, high-end analytical instrumentation and fermentation capabilities along with systems to rapidly evaluate high volumes of data and results.